Obase Campus

The Obase campus is located in Kanda-machi contiguous to Kitakyushu, and is a campus to which the local industry world close to the production bases of various industries including Each industry including various industries such as automobiles etc. has a strong tie. Since the lessons of Engineering School are mainly performed, the campus is fully equipped fully with the experiment and training facilities, and also the more comfortable campus life could be enjoyed by main building renovation in 2013. Photovoltaics, geothermal energy, etc. were adopted in this main building. The system of eco-energy can be experienced. A "future studio" wias completed in 2016, and research and creative activities are substantially made. Moreover, the Obase campus has sport facilities, such as a gymnasium equipped with the training room and 1,000 seats for spectators, an extensive ground, and a kyudo place, and students are shedding sweats by lessons and club activities of gymnastics.

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Convenience Store
  • Future Studio
  • Research Building
  • Information Science Center
  • Ground
  • Study Support Room

Kokura Campus

The campus consists of the building in RIVERWALK Kitakyushu which is 3 minutes walk from Nishi Kokura Station or 15 minutes walk from Kokura Station, and of graduate school and the regional association center which is about 100m ahead from there. Of course, the campus is fully equipped with the facilities for creativity work, students can always touch the air of a time and latest information, and the superb environment to study design. From the campus in RIVERWALK, the town of Kokura including the Kokura Castle, the Katsuyama park, and the Kitakyushu city office can be overlooked, and the historical depth and vigor of this town can be felt. Students can polish planning ability, design ability, and practice ability in being engaged in the collaboration projects such as RIVERWALK Kitakyushu, Muromachi shopping center, Fukuoka Yoshimoto, etc. through lessons or independent activities.