Faculty of Design

Design skill and sensitivity are polished in the environment which is enriched with the design.

The Ogura campus where there is School of Design is designed by a famous architect, Michael Graves, and is in the large-sized complex facility, "RIVERWALK Kitakyushu." The campus itself is a place which stimulates sensitivity, and the school is also carrying out various activities in cooperation with regional enterprises and the local government. Students are asked to be engieners who produce richer and more comfortable society to live in through the design work etc. which has made full use of city or space degin and information technology.

Department of Architecture

This is the department of architecture where you can learn the special skill according to the vision of the future while studying the knowledge used as the foundation of architecture. A practical lesson is arranged from the first year, and in "architectural drawing" and "architectural design" students understand the process of architecture and acquire basic technique by tackling a subject. Architecture has accomplished change and development little by little in long human beings' history. The wisdom of subject conquest of predecessors is studied by "history of architecture","art history", etc. Moreover, in order to develop a easier-to-use and comfortable residence and interior design, "ergonomics", "design psychology", and "universal design" are learned. Together with learning of the "modelling exercise" for expressing a design plan intelligibly, "3D CAD", etc., the imagination and presentation ability which creates new architecture are polished. Of course, since the acquisition of qualification in connection with architecture is also supported, students can play an active part in the architect world with substantial skills.

Department of Information Design

Students will learn the basics of design or the art of expression necessary for representation for the 1st and 2nd years, and practice ability is acquired by an exercise, project study, etc. as the college year progresses. According to a future target, they can choose a lesson, being conscious of three domains: "media & communication designs" such as graphic design or WEB design, image, CG, games, etc., "human environment product design" represented by information machines and electrical appliances, lighting, a package, and interior design, and "information system design" including the internet, and programming. Furthermore, business and basic abilities to work in society are developed. "The ability (creativity) which forms design", "the ability (producing) of utilizing design in society", and "the ability (literacy) of understanding design" which students have mastered through the curriculum at our college are the abilities which students are not only concerned with in the design industry but also can be broadly utilized in various enterprises and occupations.