This site introduces the academic results such as students’ science and technology activities, design competitions, etc.


1) Our Engineering School won the first prize at the 2nd drone and robot competition (semi-autonomous field).

Takemura Research Laboratory (NIT Takemura LAB) at the Integrated System Engineering Department of Engineering School participated in the competition and won the victory in the field of the semi-autonomous section. The research lab won the victory at the 1st contest, and also received the victories for consecutive 2 years.

2) The first participation in the 15th all Japan student formula contest

The team, “NIT Formula”, was organized in Heisei 27 (2015). We spent 2 years for the preparation and participated for the first time in the “15th all Japan student formula contest---craftsmanship and design convention.” 118 teams applied out of which 98 teams cleared the convention rules and participated.

3) The robot research section won consecutive 2 victories in the "Kyushu summer robot contest."

This department’s science and technology activity organization, “robot research section”, won successive 2 victories in a general section at “Kyushu summer robot contest” which Kyushu University robot contest team, KURT, plans and sponsors.

4) Winner of “29th all Japan Robot Sumo (Wrestling)”! No.1 in Japan

The student team of Takemura Laboratory at Integrated System Engineering Department of Engineering School participated in the “29th all Japan robot sumo contest (about 1300 sumo robots participated), won the victory and became No.1 in Japan. The team won the 4th victory in the “world contest.” The victory was appraised and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prize was awarded.


5) Kitakyushu original BOX has been designed in cooperation with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

The Kitakyushu original design of the corrugated paper for a door-to-door delivery service shipment has been completed in cooperation with the main branch office of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Nishinihon Institute of Technology, and Kitakyushu Sightseeing Convention Association.

6) The “19th Fukuoka Design Award” was given to student projects.

The “19th Fukuoka Design Award” was given to COC Student Projects, “Kitakyushu × Nijinohashi Project” and “Littering Garbage Art.”

7) “Wood Design Award 2017” was given to the project (Chikurasu) of co-living with cypress of Keichiku

“Wood Design Award 2017” was given to the “Project of co-living with cypress of Keichiku (abbreviated as Chikurasu) which is tackling the development of new design furniture and wooden products in cooperation with Prof. Ishigaki of Architecture Department of our university, Seinan Jo-gakuin niversity, the local government, and local industries for the purpose of the utilization of forest resources in the Keichiku region. The award was given to the “social field” which is an entry in the field of communication and the target of activating the area and society by use of trees.

8) The highest award was given at the 13th "new and wooden house" design contest.

The fourth grade student of Mikasa Laboratory at Architecture Department was given the highest award at the 13th “new and wooden house” design contest which is sponsored by non-profit organization, “let’s build a forest.”