School expenses:Table of Tuition Fees

Commission Collection Money

  • 1.The amount marked*is unnecessary from the next year on.
  • 2.The payment marked **is 2,800 yen from the next year on for students admitted to the 2nd year or 3rd year.
  • 3.The “fees for the 1st semester” after the deadline of the entrance procedures are the total amount of the entrance fee, tuition fee, educational expansion expenses, and commission collection money.
  • 4.When you decline the admission, the amount with the tuition fee deducted from the total amount is returned only when predetermined educational expense return procedure is performed by March 31(Saturday), Heisei 30.
  • 5.When not taking the necessary procedure within the determined deadline, it will be considered that entrance into the school has been declined.
  • 6.The students deemed to graduate should submit the graduation certificate and academic transcript to this educational affairs section immediately after the graduation.
  • 7.We will collect the foreign student fee of 1,000 yen from the foreign student who has passed the entrance exam, in addition to the above-mentioned commission collection money.
  • 8.The candidate of a foreign student tuition exemption regulation needs the presentation of a tuition exemption application.